Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture

Prideful Young Laocorn Gaudeamus, descendant of an ancient clan, has scoured archaeological sites around the globe for the legendary "Armor of Mars", lost by his ancestors in ages past. Laocorn plans to use the immense, almost godlike powers of the armor to take vengeance on those who persecuted his family all those millennia ago.

To Prevent her brother's scheme, Laocorn's beautiful, estranged twin sister Sulia enlists the aid of the only man in the world powerful enough to challenge him…bare-knuckled street fighter and martial arts legend, Terry "Hungry Wolf" Bogard. Unless Terry and his friends-younger brother Andy, Thai kickboxer Joe Higasi, and lovely ninja Mai Shiranui-can stop him, Laocorn will don the final piece of armor and become invincible.

Format: RM / Dubbed
Size: ~270Mb (use winrar to extract)
Runtime: 95 minutes
Year: 1994
Genre: Martial Arts, Shounen

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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